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I have been incredibly fortunate in life to be able to live within two amazing countries and experience cultural immersion. I was born in Peru and grew up being part of an incredibly vibrant culture. In 2011 I emigrated to the United States, a land where I found a bounty of possibilities and opportunity that continue to shape me into the person I am today. I was fortunate to be accepted as a computer science major at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell; following the path to become what I always wanted since I was a child.

This was always seen as odd because I am a women and most people considered this field to be male dominated. I grew up surrounded by women but even then I never wavered from my passion. All I wanted was to be a great engineer just like my father. He is my biggest influence; always excited about technology and bringing home the latest devices we could afford living in Peru and teaching me about them. Technology is his passion, and through him, it became mine as well.

I graduated in May 2015 with an optimistic demeanor that I would find my true path. I became a proud American citizen in June 2015 and got my first job at Syntel. I have never been happier. I used to hear my dad say "I do what I love, and I love what I do" and now I finally understand how good it is to wake up in the morning and go out to accomplish my dreams while expanding my experience in the one true field I am passionate about. I love coding because it challenges me and allows my creativity to prosper.

Hire Me

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Interested in hiring me? Let me tell you about my abilities.

What I learned in college: Structures in C developing in Emacs. I learned C++; however, I do not feel comfortable with it. HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Racket, JSON, Python, and AngularJS; the ones I feel the most comfortable with are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, and Json. I learned Bootstrap on my own and I am still teaching myself JAVA in order to become a good web developer. I learned .Net, SQL, PHP, and android development. I enjoyed my android development class a lot; however, I haven't had the time to practice it too much. Also, when I took algorithms the professor showed us this and this entertaining videos, enjoy.

What I learned at work: I went to training in Tennessee for a month, where they taught me different technologies every day. The mentor taught us Spring, Struts, XML, Java, HTML5, CSS3, and SQL. These trainings have helped develop my sense of learning and allows me to understand technologies quickly and effectively. When I came back to Boston, I started working at State Street, they introduced me to ReactJS, using Flux, and redux. My job allows me to improve my Java skills. I know JAVA is a very important skill to have and I love working with it! I am in transition from being a front-end developer to a back-end developer and my manager allows me to follow some tutorials while waiting for the requirements the client wants. I have some small projects on my GitHub which can be access on the hamburger menu on the top left hand part of the screen. In addition, my manager also allows me to read the code he develops and makes me work on extra functions. I also started developing websites for clients in Peru which I work on in my free time. Also one of my co-workers asked for my help to work on the front-end on his website. He is using Ruby on Rails. I've never worked with this in my life, so currently I am teaching myself to start working with him in February.

My Dreams

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As an immigrant I got to the US with a bag full of clothes and dreams

Still in the process to accomplish all of my dreams...

  • Become an American citizen.

  • Graduate from College.

  • Bring my mom to the US.

  • Learn Italian, Portuguese , and French.

  • Be the best I can be everyday of my life.

  • Learn Back-End web development.

  • Travel the world.

And much more..

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